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Donating Our Wheels

Orchard’s van and shuttle bus have been sitting unused for the last year, and we decided that it was time for them to serve the community. Recently, we donated the work van to Habitat for Humanity. They were able to sell it and raise nearly $5,000 for their organization!

On June 23, 2021, we donated the bus to PrimeLife Enrichment, a wonderful senior center in Hamilton County. They are thrilled to have a large vehicle for group excursions! Ann Johnson (wife of Curt Johnson, Orchard’s Chief Commercial Officer) has been volunteering with PrimeLife for years, and we were delighted to have her involved in signing over the bus to start it’s new life.

Special Olympics Indiana

We are still committed to our relationship with Special Olympics Indiana, and we will be participating once again in the Plane Pull in September. Orchard is also sponsoring two bowling teams to represent Special Olympics Indiana in the national games next year.

Spring Cleaning Yields Donations

We’ve also been doing some cleaning around the office and have been able to donate office supplies, clothing, and books to a variety of organizations, including Outreach, an organization that helps homeless teens and young adults achieve stability, and the Julian Center, a women’s shelter in downtown Indianapolis.

We are currently putting together a large donation of office furniture for Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and we are still collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House Foundation.

We are devoted to making meaningful changes around the office, keeping the community and the environment in mind.