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A Fond Farewell

Dave Bracewell
Dave Bracewell
Vice President of Operations

Nancy Stoker
Vice President of Product Management

Two long-time Orchard leaders, Dave Bracewell and Nancy Stoker, will both retire during the first quarter of 2022. Dave has been at Orchard for 22 years and finishes his time here as the Senior Vice President of Operations. Nancy has been with Orchard for 18 years and finishes her tenure as the Vice President of Product Management. They will both be greatly missed, though their impact at Orchard will be felt for years to come. We asked them to reflect on their time at Orchard and their upcoming retirements.

What positions have you held during your time here?

Dave Bracewell (DB): Field Implementation Analyst, HL7 Specialist, Call Center Manager, and VP of Operations.

Nancy Stoker (NS): I have held several positions, but all center around working with our solutions and showing our customers how our solutions can solve their problems and facilitate better outcomes. The positions I have held are: Application Specialist (now Solution Specialist), Application Specialist Manager, Director of Training, and Director and eventually VP of Product Management. The first real position I had with Orchard was “Happy Client.” I hosted site visits for many of the Orchard sales reps! I am truly grateful for my time at OSC. This company is so full of talented people. The opportunities to learn are endless!

What are some things you’ve learned and/or memorable experiences from your time at Orchard?

DB: It’s so tough to nail this one down. If I list some, I will miss too many. All of them really. I have learned a lot from everyone and can say I feel honored to have worked with the best and brightest in the LIS industry.

NS: You CAN have your dream job. There are too many memorable moments to mention here. I’ve worked with wonderful people and traveled to wonderful (and not so wonderful) places. In all of my positions at Orchard, it has been a blast seeing the light bulb go on and recognition that what we are telling them “clicks.” This may seem like a little thing, but it is a thrill when that happens. 

What advice would you like to give to your colleagues as they move into the future?

DB: 1. Always assume the best in everyone. 2. Don’t be afraid to take some risks and try new things. Trying new things, failing, and trying again is how you grow and it’s what you will be most proud of. 3. There is usually more than one “right answer.” Be flexible.

NS: Invest in yourself. Contribute as high a percentage to your 401K as you can. You won’t regret it. And time flies when you are having fun! Beyond that, I think my time for giving out unsolicited advice at Orchard has reached its natural conclusion.

What are your plans for retirement?

DB: I have been doing volunteer work through a very good friend at the church. I plan on doing more of that.

NS: Spending a lot of time on an Appalachian lake. Getting back into community theater and choirs. Riding my eBike more! Getting out of Northern Illinois winters will help with that.


Thank you, Dave and Nancy, for many years of leadership and service at Orchard!