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Orchard Enterprise Solutions Integration II

Orchard® Enterprise Solutions Integration II is intended for users who have completed their installation of the Orchard Outreach Integrated Laboratory Network application and have taken and passed the Orchard® Enterprise Solutions Integration I course. Training is taught through a virtual classroom.

Class Dates

Class Information

  • October 22-25, 2024

Class Times

9:00 AM-5:00 PM (Eastern)

Class Level: Advanced User
Role: System Administrators
Orchard Products: Orchard® Outreach and/or Orchard® Enterprise Lab

Target Audience

Users who have taken and passed the Orchard Enterprise Solutions Integration I course.

Class Level

Orchard Enterprise Solutions Integration II is considered advanced-level training. Prior experience with Orchard enterprise solutions and a solid working knowledge of HL7 are required to attend, as well as attending and passing the Orchard Enterprise Solutions Integration I course is required.

Continuing Education/Contact Hours

Orchard Software Corporation is approved as a provider of continuing education (C.E.) programs in the clinical laboratory sciences by the ASCP Board of Certification.

This training course is approved for 17.0 total contact hours (17.0 CMP points/17.0 CMLE credits).

You will receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion of this course.

Class Overview

This integration training class is a combination of classroom presentations, laboratory exercises, quizzes, and troubleshooting scenarios. It is designed to assist you with learning the necessary concepts and skills required for configuring Orchard® Mapper and Mapper scripts for possible use in your Orchard enterprise solutions system.

Students will have access to an Orchard training database, which may be used as an example, and a standalone version of Orchard Mapper.

At the end of this training, you will be provided a link to an online Training Evaluation. The feedback received through this evaluation is read and used to improve the course.


  • Orchard Mapper: Installing and using Orchard Mapper for scripting
  • Orchard Mapper Commands: Learning Orchard Mapper scripting language definition, Mapper commands, and other Mapper script elements
  • Variables: Arrays and system variables
  • Error Codes
  • DLL Scripting Differences: Scripting for Orchard Mapper DLL
  • Scripting Guidelines
  • Sample Scripts: Reviewing sample scripts for interfacing
  • Tips & Troubleshooting