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System Administration for the Orchard Harvest Microbiology Module

System Administration for the Orchard® Harvest™ Microbiology Module is intended for System Administrators who are preparing to install an Orchard system at their facility, or are new to using Orchard’s software. The training is a combination of foundational theory and hands on exercises using the software. Training is taught through a virtual classroom.

Class Dates

Class Information

  • May 21-23, 2024
  • August 27-29, 2024
  • November 19-21, 2024

Class Times

10:00 AM-4:30 PM (Eastern)

Class Level: New User
Role: Lab Administrators
Orchard Products: Orchard Harvest Microbiology module

Target Audience

Lab Administrators preparing to install an Orchard system at their facility or new to using the Orchard Harvest Microbiology module.

Class Level

System Administration for the Orchard Harvest Microbiology Module is considered introductory training. The training starts with foundational concepts that build upon one another, leading the learner to a fundamental understanding of the software. There are no prerequisites for the course; however, understanding basic Orchard Harvest system administration is highly recommended as it will not be covered in this class.

Continuing Education/Contact Hours

Orchard Software Corporation is approved as a provider of continuing education (C.E.) programs in the clinical laboratory sciences by the ASCP Board of Certification.

This training course is approved for 15.5 total contact hours (15.5 CMP points).

You will receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion of this course.

Class Overview

The System Administrator training class is designed to provide foundational information and skills necessary to work with the Orchard Field Implementation Analyst during the Orchard Harvest Microbiology module system implementation.

The training includes lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises in the Orchard training database.

At the end of the training, you will be provided a link to an online Training Evaluation. The feedback received from this evaluation is used to improve the course.


End User Training

  • Explain how to sign in, sign out, and exit your system
  • Discuss the user interface
  • Describe online help
  • Discuss workstation hardware
  • Explain key terminology and hierarchy
  • Define how to place and release orders
  • Discuss the Work in Progress window
  • Detail how to work with the electronic microbiology worksheet
  • Review how to find and work with a patient’s record and results

System Administration

  • Discuss configuring microbiology security
  • Explain system configuration
  • Discuss preferences and advanced configuration options (ACOs).
  • Describe database table basics
  • Configure database tables
  • Explain microbiology lab test types
  • Explore rule engine usage

Streamlining Workflow

  • Explain window display customization
  • Identify bar code scanner usage
  • Describe batch resulting microbiology cultures
  • Explain test groups
  • Discuss Micro Worksheet buttons

Working with Standard Testing

  • Configuring standard lab tests
  • Creating standard order choices
  • Resulting standard lab tests
  • Editing standard lab test results post-approval

Quality Control

  • Explain how to build quality control files
  • Describe how to order quality control
  • Explain how to result quality control
  • Discuss how to review quality control

Administrative Reports

  • Discuss administrative reports
  • Summarize logs
  • Describe data browsers

Ensuring System Integrity

  • Using the Orchard Resource Center (ORC) Portal.
  • Discuss tips working with Technical Support
  • Describe basic Harvest maintenance