Orchard Software has multiple hosting options available for its cloud services and is proud to work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as one of them. AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, architected to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available. Data centers are globally located and backed by extensive cloud security tools. AWS supports a multitude of security standards and compliance certifications, as well as data encryption capabilities that can support Orchard’s Harvest customers.

Orchard Software’s longtime client, Northwest Alabama Cancer Center (NWACC), has transitioned to Orchard Cloud Services using AWS. Their cloud-hosted laboratory information system will reduce the burden on laboratory staff for IT-related tasks, provide enhanced security and reliability, and reduce fixed costs for their organization.

At NWACC, having their system’s security, disaster recovery, and maintenance handled by Orchard Cloud Services frees the laboratory staff to focus on their overarching goal of quality and compassionate patient care. Kristy McCabe, Laboratory Manager at NWACC, says, “We have a long-standing, trusted relationship with Orchard Software. I consider selecting Orchard Harvest one of the best decisions I have ever made for our practice. In my experience, when working with Orchard, we know we are in good hands. Less IT headaches are a welcome advantage of moving our LIS to Orchard Cloud Services.”

“Pairing 25-plus years of laboratory IT expertise with modern cloud technology and an understanding of the importance of protecting patient data, Orchard Cloud Services provide a flexible, cloud-based laboratory information system deployment that helps address the specific challenges that laboratory IT faces,” says Billie Whitehurst, Orchard’s CEO.

About Northwest Alabama Cancer Center
NWACC is a community-based, private oncology/hematology practice located in Florence, and Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The practice borders the Tennessee River and accommodates patients in practice sites on the north and south sides of the river. The practice is committed to providing the best comprehensive care through specialty expertise combined with compassion. For more information, please visit https://www.nwalcc.org/.

About Orchard Software Corporation
Orchard Software Corporation is a leader in the laboratory information system industry and offers a variety of laboratory system solutions, including a SaaS model. Orchard serves more than 2,000 laboratories across the country, helping them improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance integration. Orchard’s products are installed in physician groups and clinics, hospitals, independent reference labs, student health centers, veterinary labs, public health organizations, universities, and retail facilities. For more information regarding Orchard Software Corporation, visit www.orchardsoft.com.

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