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Orchard Software today announced the availability of its COVID-19 university testing software solution, designed to help universities bring their students and faculty back to school safely. The laboratory information system (LIS) solution enables universities to automate and streamline their COVID-19 order entry, sample collection, and sample routing processes, and to identify positive patients using Orchard’s powerful data analysis tools. Universities with a molecular testing laboratory can also use Orchard for COVID-19 sample intake, internal testing, and reporting. For those universities without an internal molecular testing lab, Orchard will leverage its comprehensive library of laboratory information system interfaces to quickly route COVID-19 test results back to the university. Overall, this solution will make it possible for universities to develop a comprehensive and streamlined approach to help ensure that they are testing their students and faculty, responding to positive results as quickly as possible to minimize the spread of COVID-19 across campuses.

Orchard would also like to announce that Purdue University has purchased this solution to bring its students and faculty back to campus safely this fall. Purdue will be performing its testing on campus, using university COVID-19 testing software to support order entry, sample collection, sample routing, sample intake, internal testing, and reporting.

Orchard’s solutions can improve processes associated with COVID-19 testing for universities that are performing testing on-site or collecting samples to send to a reference laboratory. Orchard offers flexible solutions and options that are beneficial to any student health center that is in the process of addressing the COVID-19 crisis. This offering is another example of how Orchard is assisting our clients with the pandemic. Our advanced workflow process engine facilitates unique laboratory workflows, resulting in improvements in efficiency and patient safety. In addition, Orchard’s integration expertise allows for automated orders from student health centers and other referring facilities as well as rapid result transmission to client EHRs and health departments.

“Orchard’s products have specific data management workflow functionality that can contribute to COVID-19 testing efforts during a rapidly evolving public health crisis where speed and flexibility are mandatory. We understand that health and safety is crucial as our country reopens and schools resume in the fall and we are fully committed to assisting universities that are performing COVID-19 collection and testing during this crucial time,” says Billie Whitehurst, Orchard’s CEO.

About Orchard Software Corporation

Orchard Software Corporation is a leader in the laboratory information system industry and offers a variety of laboratory system solutions. Orchard’s products are installed in all sizes of multi-site and multi-specialty physician groups and clinics, hospitals, independent reference labs, student health centers, veterinary labs, and public health organizations. Orchard serves more than 1,800 laboratories across the country, helping them improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance integration.

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