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We’re excited for you to experience our updated Orchard eLearning library! It’s now easier than ever to access Orchard product training.

What’s New

We’re listening! Based on your feedback, we’ve made some improvements:

  • Easier Access: The library now opens immediately when you click the eLearning menu in the ORC portal.
  • Better Search Tools: We’ve added filters, tags, and topics to help you quickly find your products and the courses you’re most interested in.
  • Improved Organization: To make our courses easier to find and use, we’ve reorganized them, so you will have a clean slate as you enter the new learning library. (Note: Historical activity will not be imported.)
  • Updated Simulations: We continue to add video simulations to courses, and are enhancing them with features such as closed captioning and audio narration.
  • Expanded Admin Courses: Our eLearning library originally focused on end-user training; however, we have begun adding admin-focused content.
  • eLearning License Management: ORC portal admins will be able to assign eLearning subscription licenses to team members using a new tool in the ORC portal.

If you have an active eLearning subscription, you access the new Orchard eLearning library directly from the ORC Portal by selecting the eLearning menu.

Getting Started

We developed two courses to help you get started with both Orchard eLearning and the ORC Portal. These courses are automatically assigned and appear on your eLearning dashboard:

  • Orchard eLearning: A Guide for Orchard’s Customers
  • Using the ORC Portal: A Guide for Orchard’s Customers

After completing these courses, jump in and explore the entire Learning Library. Helpful tip: We recommend filtering by Collection to quickly narrow the list of courses to the Orchard products you use.

Interested in Assigning Your Open Seats to Others?

Are you an ORC Portal and find you have open eLearning seats? Get those assigned today! Within the ORC portal, ORC portal admins have access to assign open seats and reassign seats if you’ve had a change in team members. Visit ORC Portal – eLearning User Management to learn more!

Need More Licenses?

Interested in starting an eLearning subscription—or acquiring more seats for your team? Or, interested in someone on your team attending an upcoming instructor-led training session? Use the form on the new eLearning page of the ORC portal or use this form to contact us.

With a subscription to Orchard’s eLearning library, you have access to hundreds of self-guided courses and numerous interactive simulations for each of our products. Designed for end users, the eLearning courses follow logical “learning paths,” are task-based with detailed steps, and allow you to learn at your own pace.

Courses in Orchard eLearning include topics such as:

  • Getting Started
  • Managing Orders
  • Managing Samples
  • Viewing Results
  • Managing Testing
  • Reviewing & Approving Results
  • And many more product-specific topics!

We look forward to hearing your feedback! Happy learning!