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Team in a laboratory looking together at a computer screenContent & Visual Enhancements Coming Your Way

We’re excited about the enhancements we’re making in our Orchard eLearning library. These changes will help us expand from task-focused courses to include more admin-focused topics. You’ll also notice voiceovers and closed captioning available in many of our simulations. In addition, we have some exciting visual changes coming in March. Watch your inbox for more information!

Accessing the Library

You will still be able to easily access the new Orchard eLearning library directly from the ORC Portal. However, to access eLearning, you need an active eLearning subscription. Contact your Orchard Account Manager to learn more.

What’s in the eLearning Library

With a subscription to Orchard’s eLearning library, you have access to hundreds of self-guided courses and numerous interactive simulations for each of our products. Designed for end users, the eLearning courses follow logical “learning paths,” are task-based with detailed steps, and allow you to learn at your own pace.

Learning paths in Orchard eLearning cover topics such as:

  • Getting Started
  • Maximizing Key Features
  • Managing Orders
  • Managing Samples
  • Viewing Results
  • Managing Testing
  • Reviewing & Approving Results
  • And many more product-specific topics!