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eLearning Training for Your End Users

Team in a laboratory looking together at a computer screenToday’s pressures on laboratories leave minimal time for training. To ease the burden of training and offer a virtual learning opportunity, Orchard offers end-user training via our eLearning library to help your team expand their knowledge of Orchard system functionality.

Our Orchard eLearning library, filled with hundreds of courses, is designed for general end users of our systems, especially key operators that act as department leads, section supervisors, and trainers. This offering supplements our instructor-led training, which is focused on laboratory administrators and advanced users.

Check out our list of updated courses in Orchard’s end-user eLearning training below. We add and update courses each quarter, so there’s always something new!

For more information on Orchard eLearning, contact your Orchard Account Executive at (800) 856-1948 or visit our Contact Us page.

New & Updated eLearning Courses

Orchard Harvest and Orchard Pathology

  • Importing ICD & NCD Codes in Orchard Harvest or Orchard Pathology
  • User Interface

Orchard Enterprise Solutions

  • Importing ICD & NCD Codes in Orchard Enterprise Solutions
  • Reagent Lots
  • Managing Personal Order Choice Lists
  • Ordering, Resulting, & Approving QC
  • Configure Users
  • Configuring Order Choices
  • Configuring Tests
  • Instrument Types Page

Orchard Patient Portal

  • Orchard Patient Portal User Guide
  • Orchard Patient Portal Technician Guide
  • Orchard Patient Portal Administrator Guide