Save Time Training Your Staff

Today’s pressures on laboratories leave minimal time for training. To ease the burden and offer a virtual learning opportunity, Orchard now offers eLearning courses to help your team expand their knowledge of Orchard system functionality. As a supplement to our instructor-led System Administrator training that is focused on laboratory administrators and advanced users, our new Orchard eLearning library is geared toward general end users of our systems, especially key operators that act as department leads, section supervisors, and trainers.

Content Designed for End Users

With a subscription to Orchard’s new eLearning library, participants have access to hundreds of self-guided courses and numerous interactive simulations for each of our products. Designed for end users, the eLearning courses follow logical “learning paths,” are task-based with detailed steps on tasks end users perform, and allow end users to learn at their own pace, revisiting topics, as needed. With eLearning, training takes place remotely, when it is convenient for your team.

Learning paths in Orchard eLearning include:

  • Getting Started
  • Maximizing Key Features
  • Managing Orders
  • Managing Samples
  • Viewing Results
  • Managing Testing
  • Reviewing & Approving Results
  • And many more product-specific topics!

eLearning Produces a More Productive Staff

The better your team is trained to operate your LIS, the faster you can take advantage of features that will help your laboratory be more productive and efficient. Our two types of training are designed to work together to provide the best possible training support for your system. System administrators will still attend our instructor-led training, particularly ahead of an installation project, then you can purchase eLearning subscriptions to facilitate training for the rest of your staff.

We are excited about this new chapter in learning at Orchard, and we think you’ll find it incredibly useful for your staff.

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Request More Information

For more information on Orchard eLearning, contact your Orchard Account Manager at (800) 856-1948 or by completing the training information request form.