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Orchard Software - The Evolution of AI in the LabArtificial intelligence is a boon for many businesses, helping to automate tasks that are difficult for humans to sustain. AI’s ability to analyze large data sets and predict future data is of specific benefit in healthcare and in the laboratory market, bringing an opportunity to enhance patient care. Savvy LIS vendors, like Orchard Software, are already looking at ways to incorporate AI into the LIS to leverage its benefits.

Read our latest white paper The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in the Laboratory to learn more.

Here’s an overview of the paper highlights.

Executive Summary

  • AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines or computer systems.
  • Tasks where humans can get fatigued by their repetitive nature are well-suited for AI tools.
  • Machine learning algorithms can quickly process large amounts of data, identify patterns, and make predictions based on the data.
  • Potential applications of AI in healthcare range broadly from scanning radiological and pathology images, to aiding diagnoses, to predicting outcomes from medical data.
  • Because the laboratory holds an enormous amount of data, and AI can rapidly analyze large data sets, AI has great potential for the laboratory industry.
  • AI in the laboratory has focused on diagnosis and therapy, but use cases are expanding and laboratories are adding new technologies to improve clinical decision-making, disease monitoring, and patient safety.
  • There is great potential for innovative LIS vendors to incorporate the use of AI into the LIS.

Orchard Software Innovation

At Orchard Software, we continue to look for innovative ways to improve the jobs of laboratory professionals and to provide valuable software tools that labs can use to increase their contribution to patient care.

Looking forward, we predict growth in the use of AI within the lab and within laboratory information systems. We see tremendous potential for AI to analyze the large data sets inherent to the laboratory and to improve the use of the LIS. In the future, rather than building reports and adding new locations and tests, generative AI can be used to prompt the system to perform those tasks. At Orchard, our team will continue to research and apply AI concepts in the laboratory space where they prove beneficial and add value.

Orchard Insights

Orchard® Insights™ is a business intelligence and analytics tool that allows laboratories to effectively analyze and leverage the tremendous amount of data they manage. The analytics tool gives labs the advantage of a data-driven perspective that can help address the industry staffing shortage and improve overall laboratory productivity and efficiency. Learn more at https://www.orchardsoft.com/solutions/orchard-insights/.