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Orchard Software received the 2019 Overall Top-Rated Laboratory Information System Vendor rating from Black Book Research with a score of 9.56 out of 10. Black Book is an unbiased, vendor-agnostic rating system that specializes in healthcare-related market research.

Survey Overview
In Q4 2018 through Q2 2019, Black Book’s client/user/prospective customer survey investigated 30 laboratory information system vendors utilized by 1,040 validated system users for rankings, and examined an additional 675 respondents in pre-use, implementation, system decision-making, or purchased-but-not-yet-installed status. More than 800 prospective laboratory software and services stakeholders participated in potential use polls for trending data and outlook information—not ballots—that evaluate vendor performance.

About Black Book
Black Book Market Research LLC annually evaluates leading healthcare/medical software and service providers across 18 operational excellence key performance indicators completely from the perspective of the client experience. Independent and unbiased from vendors’ influence, more than 646,000 healthcare IT users are invited to contribute. Suppliers also encourage their clients to participate to produce current and objective customer service data for buyers, analysts, investors, consultants, competitive suppliers, and the media. For more information or to order customized research results, please contact the Black Book Client Resource Center at (800) 863-7590 or Info@BlackBookMarketResearch.com.

Our Commitment
Orchard is committed to keeping you informed and being a trusted resource you can turn to for industry-related education. As always, we welcome your feedback. Follow us on Twitter at @OrchardSoftware, and feel free to respond to this post by emailing us at news@orchardsoft.com.