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At Orchard Software, we strive to be an industry thought leader that brings valuable information to the laboratory and healthcare industry above and beyond the products we offer. Over the past several years, our white paper series has become a valuable resource for many in the laboratory workspace. For those of you who may have missed out, below is a review of the most popular white paper downloads and blog posts from 2019.

Top Three POCT White Paper Downloads

As we’ve continued to develop Orchard® Point-of-Care™, our point-of-care testing (POCT) management and integration solution, our team has researched and provided resources relevant to the POCT market. Three of our recent white papers were the most popular downloads for 2019.

Point-of-Care Testing: The Great Boom Ahead

The value-focused environment of today’s healthcare is increasing the demand for rapid, accurate, and integrated POCT results. Improvements in patient outcomes and satisfaction can be realized when laboratory results are made available in real-time at the patients’ point of care. To meet the evolving needs of healthcare, laboratories need to actively manage POCT. To do so effectively, lab managers who oversee POCT can benefit from a data management and connectivity solution that integrates POCT results into the patient’s chart and eases the challenges of POCT management.


POCT, Population Health, & Patient Engagement

POCT is a tool that can improve patient satisfaction, understanding, and engagement. Our shifting healthcare environment improves when we encourage patients to make decisions that improve their health, and population health programs benefit from initiatives that improve patient engagement. Read this paper to learn how laboratory professional oversight of POCT can enhance POCT’s ability to positively impact patient engagement and outcomes.


Laboratory Point-of-Care Testing: A Future Outlook
Point-of-care technologies are quickly becoming part of the transformation of the healthcare landscape. In the right situations, when implemented properly and thoughtfully, POCT can have a positive impact on operational efficiency and patient care. Additionally, having POCT test results captured in the EHR will allow for quicker diagnosis and treatment, automated billing, and inclusion of POCT data in valuable medical analytics.


Popular Downloads Four & Five: Usability & Costs

The next most popular downloaded white papers discuss LIS usability and total cost of ownership.

Laboratory Information System Usability
In healthcare, it is important to design information systems that are user-friendly and enhance workflow. Yet, low usability scores are common for both EHRs and LISs. Standing out among competitors, Orchard® Harvest™ scored well in a peer-reviewed, non-biased usability study. Harvest’s high level of usability improves workflow for laboratory professionals, supporting the lab’s vital contribution to patient care.


Total Cost of Ownership for a Laboratory Information System
In today’s evolving healthcare market, it is important to make fully informed investments. Even when you know the up-front costs of an LIS or other IT system, you may not realize the full cost of the product throughout its lifespan. Calculating total cost of ownership (TCO) helps you understand costs that are not as transparent as the initial purchase price, providing a more complete picture that can help you make an informed decision about the LIS that best fits your budget and your laboratory.


Orchard’s 2019 Top Blog Posts

Our most read blog posts for 2019:

Guiding Appropriate Test Utilization to Meet Laboratory Stewardship Goals
As our healthcare system continues transitioning to value-based care, laboratory professionals are encouraged to find their place in supporting proactive care models. This change means focusing on a broader scope of laboratory stewardship and being aware of the value of the laboratory’s contribution in addition to quality lab result reporting.

Considering a New Laboratory Information System Investment? Read Orchard Software’s Overview of the Total Cost of Ownership for an LIS
Calculating TCO helps buyers understand all costs and provides more information to help laboratories and healthcare facilities make an informed decision about the LIS that best fits their budgets and organizations.

Orchard’s Commitment
Orchard Software is committed to keeping you informed and being a trusted resource you can turn to for industry-related education. As always, we welcome your feedback. Follow us on Twitter at @OrchardSoftware, and feel free to respond to this post by emailing us at news@orchardsoft.com.