Orchard Software’s Orchard® Harvest™ LIS Receives ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certification – What does that mean to our customers?

We at Orchard are happy to announce that Orchard Harvest LIS v8.5 is 2011/2012 compliant and was certified as an EHR Module on June 8, 2011, by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT®), an ONC-ATCB, in accordance with the applicable Eligible Provider certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The 2011/2012 criteria support the Stage 1 meaningful use measures required to qualify eligible providers and hospitals for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

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Regarding this certification, we have had some questions as to what Inpatient and Ambulatory modules are and their differences.

Meaningful use makes a distinction between the requirements for eligible providers (EP) and eligible hospitals (EH).  Most of the criteria apply to both, though some apply to EP only and some to EH only.  ONC has set up certification criteria to match those slight differences based on whether you are an EP (think outpatient, such as ambulatory) or EH (e.g., inpatient).

The term module is used to describe any system that meets some, but not all, of the certification criteria.  To become certified as a complete EHR, the system must meet ALL of the criteria.  Multiple modules may be used in conjunction with each other as a “complete” EHR.   Harvest LIS is certified as a module, since an LIS is not intended to perform all of the tasks needed by an EHR.

With this certification, our provider clients can use Harvest LIS to send surveillance data directly to public health labs instead of using their EMR. (We are in the process of obtaining our Eligible Hospital certification.)  Stage 1 requires 5 of 10 menu (optional) items, one of which must be either lab results or public health surveillance. Since ELR is only listed as a menu item (optional) for EH, and surveillance data is a menu item for both EP and EH, we chose surveillance data in order to provide an option for both our hospital and clinic clients.  Since we expect all menu items to become core items in Stage 2, we plan to obtain certification for ELR in the very near future, allowing our clients the option to send ELR from the LIS.  The proposed rule for Stage 2 also gives the EP the option to send ELR from their EMR or from their LIS.

As you are working toward meaningful use, we recommend that you visit the ONC certified list of vendors. Click on one of the results to bring up all of the criteria that particular system has met for certification. If an item is not checked, you cannot use that system for that task and still meet meaningful use.

We hope this is helpful and welcome your questions and feedback.

Ginger Wooster, MBA, MT (ASCP)
Director of Regulatory Affairs & Applications Specialist
Orchard Software Corporation

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