Billie’s Corner – Thank You For All You Do! 

By Billie Whitehurst, CEO

I sincerely hope that you had an enjoyable 2022 National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. With that week past us, I wanted to take the opportunity to continue to recognize your role. We are incredibly privileged to partner with laboratories that make such a tremendous contribution to our healthcare system, both in guiding patient diagnosis and treatment as well as in proactive wellness screening. At a time when lab tests guide medical decisions and personalized medicine opens new windows to wellness, there’s no better time to be in our industry and to positively impact patient care and health initiatives.

The laboratory community has so much to be proud of and to continue to celebrate this year. The pandemic brought well-deserved recognition to the lab, and with that spotlight came increased pressure on an industry that was already facing a staffing shortage. Yet, laboratory professionals continue to rise to the challenge and do whatever it takes to support providers and patients, improving our public health in the process.

At Orchard, our goal is to provide services and solutions that will support lab professionals through automation, analytics, interoperability and improved workflow. Our expert team is also prepared to offer many support and system administration options to help you manage your system and technical environments so that you can focus on patient care and quality.

With that said, we would like to extend a huge thank you from Orchard to you! Thank you all for making a difference every day!

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