Billie’s Corner – The Importance of Upgrades for Overall Lab Efficiency

By Billie Whitehurst, CEO

As the laboratory and healthcare industries continue to address the pandemic alongside workforce shortages, it becomes important to incorporate every efficiency possible. While it may seem that upgrading your LIS to the latest version takes time that you don’t have, it is one of those situations where foresight and maintenance ahead of time pays off in the long run.

Best Business Practice

By staying up to date on the most recent software release, your lab can take advantage of the latest software enhancements, incorporate any bug fixes or compatibility updates, and address the most recent security issues.

Staying on an older version of software can compound problems and make it much harder to fix a problem or upgrade to a current release at a later time. In effect, it is detrimental to your laboratory and organization to stay on an older software version. From a security stance, healthcare data is a prime target, so it makes sense to be vigilant and to keep your LIS version up to date.

Multiple Options for Upgrades 

Orchard’s support team makes upgrading easy. There are no charges associated with upgrades as long as you have an active support agreement and are no more than two versions behind. When an upgrade is available, customers are notified on our website, through our newsletter, and on Orchard Resource Central (ORC). For the smoothest upgrade experience, we highly recommend our premium upgrade package that includes a dedicated resource for upgrades and post upgrade support. We encourage you to take advantage of the latest version updates to keep your system running at its peak level.

Highlighted Articles

Purdue University Uses Orchard Molecular to Improve COVID-19 Testing

Orchard Software and Purdue University have been working together since 2006. With the decision to bring in COVID-19 testing for students and faculty, the university added Orchard® Molecular™ in October 2020. The solution helped them return results to the caregiver within 24 hours of collection.

Orchard Attends the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games

As we have for many years, Orchard continues to support the Special Olympics. We were honored to be invited to participate in this year's USA Games, held in June in Orlando, Florida. The event united over 5,500 athletes and coaches from 50 states, and brought in 125,000 spectators.

Where in the World Is Orchy?

Like many of us, Orchy enjoys getting out and watching baseball games in the summer. This trip took him to a city at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers when Orchy came to watch a World Series game in 2004. Follow the link below to submit your guess for where Orchy is and be registered in the drawing for an Orchard prize pack.

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